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The Victorian Underworld free read ´ 106 Kellow Chesney Ý 6 summary read & download The Victorian Underworld Ualid lives and the 'lays' of those who thronged the rookeries and alleys of Victorian cities Curious stories emerge from this world of crime and penury and throughout the study highlights the vast substratum of vice feeding on that 'most enlightened age. Remember the musical Oliver and those poor urchins pick pocketing to eke out a living on London s harsh streets That was pretty much CAKE compared to how life actually worked for the poor then Fascinating horrifying intriguing stuffMore later when I m finished

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The Victorian Underworld free read ´ 106 Kellow Chesney Ý 6 summary read & download The Victorian Underworld Beneath the respectable surface of Victorian society lay a criminal world as diverse as turbulent and at times as vicious as any that has existed Policemen could only stand in awe of the occupations and illegal practices which grew upKellow Chesney begin. Very interesting book belonging on the same shelf as Orwell s The Road to Wigan Pier or Down and Out in Paris and London Basically like time traveling back to the 1840s or 1850s for a tour of the seediest grimiest most dangerous urban and rural English environments and spending time getting to know the local criminals charlatans and ne er do wells about the particulars of their livesLooking at the Table of Contents we see chapters devoted to rookeries urban ghettos where the police were loathe to invade and where ever manner of human depravity flourished A chapter on the borders of the underworld where street market workers costermongers street vendors of produce and traveling workmen Navvies or navigators would freuently associate with the criminal classes Gonolphs footpads and the swell mobs a chapter devoted to the various types of cardsharks confidence men pickpockets and other urban swindlers along with the common tactics and swindles they employed Cracksmen and fences about robbers housebreakers burglars lock pickers and the vast criminal network they inhabited Beggars all about the various sheisty swindlers and the deceitful ruses which could bring in tidy sums for the nefarious characters willing to employ them and Magsmen macers and showfulmen all about the exploits of skilled forgerers counterfeiters and scam artists in general There really were some ingenious scams that people usedRemaining chapters contained details about underworld betting on sports like bear baiting prize fighting cock fighting rat killing matches by trained dogs and even the hoopla surrounding public executions and of course an investigation into Victorian era prostitution These were the Bad Old Days Each chapter gives a broad overview of the underworld activity the types of characters who conducted it a discussion of their trades and skills and then recounts some highlights and tales such as the most successful highway train heists of the 1850s London s biggest counterfeiting schemes and how they were done or a visit to an underworld rat killing betting match and an overview of the shady characters presentHelpfully includes a dictionary of underworld slang and various woodcuts throughout by Gustav Dor and others of various underworld scenes featuring Dickensian tramps and other low down sheisty cheatsThough apparently out of print I found my copy late one night in Strasbourg France perched invitingly on an building ledge I snatched it and made off into the misty night without delay this book is not to be missed Also worth noting that many of today s slang terms were borne from Victorian England including Swag Goods stolen property cheap manufacturer s articles Chavy child and Pig Policeman detective

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The Victorian Underworld free read ´ 106 Kellow Chesney Ý 6 summary read & download The Victorian Underworld S his book by taking a general look at the society and its penal methods Then ranging over the whole spectrum of underworld life from travelling showmen and religious fakes to cracksmen garrotters and incorrigible pickpockets he recreates in detail the s. It was a fun read not as complete as the other book of the same title but well worth it as a look at the side of the Victorian world we don t normally think about Michael Crichton apparently mined it pretty heavily for his The Great Train RobberyPersons of delicate sensibilities be warned a lot of what went on in Victorian slums was not nice and not very PC A very popular sport was one where rats were set loose and then a dog was set on them the rats killed the higher the dog scored Prostitution was a huge industry centered around the Haymarket and Soho districts and all tastes were catered to And public executions were treated as wonderful spectacles good for the whole family People would pay good money for a particular window to see the execution

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